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Top 10 Search Engine

List of Top 10 Search Engines Google Ok, do not ask no more, this is the biggest one, and hold 40% to 45% user on the internet today. “According to the latest comscore report (February 2016) 64.0% of searches were powered by Google and 21.4% by Bing.” Google have the 1st position on Top Search Engines from many years until now. Bing Bing is Microsoft’s search engine and one of the biggest competitor of google but they still did not manage to impress their users for get better results than Google. This guy have the 2nd position on Top Search. . .

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Private Blog Network : Small Intro

Private Blog Network : Small Intro. What is PBN? PBN (Private Blog Networks) is a collection of blogs that are deliberately created from domains that have certain criteria for backlinking and SEO purposes. Private Blog Networks can be a powerful weapon in SEO, in addition we have full control over the source of this backlink. In creating a blog network we have to take into account the budget and time that will be required to take care of this PBN, do not even gradually take care of PBN rather than moneysite. PBN Usually consists of high metrics domains that have. . .

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