GS PBN Creation

The Difficulties 

1 of the biggest difficulties to maintenance and creating a PBN is the cost. But if you have a plenty buck on your pockets you can try our PBN Coaching to create a good network army.

  • For a good domain you need around 30$ – 300$.
  • If you use domain vendor or providers it will be bigger cost.
  • Content articles will be make a lot of time.
  • Theme design, etc.

Our PBN Design

As you see, a lot effort to make a good PBN if you start from scratch. But we are here to offer our service with PBN Creation. We do a lot of effort to make a perfect PBN like:

  1. Different themes per domain.
  2. Different IP per domain.
  3. Different nameserver per domain.
  4. Different content per domain.
  5. Different widget per domain.
  6. Different plugins per domain.
  7. Different Social Media per domain.
  8. Different persona and widget per domain.
  9. Different fake ads per domain.

PBN Samples

Below is our sample for our PBN Creation

And so many more, so contact is for more details.

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