Private Blog Network : Small Intro

Private Blog Network : Small Intro. What is PBN? PBN (Private Blog Networks) is a collection of blogs that are deliberately created from domains that have certain criteria for backlinking and SEO purposes. Private Blog Networks can be a powerful weapon in SEO, in addition we have full control over the source of this backlink. In creating a blog network we have to take into account the budget and time that will be required to take care of this PBN, do not even gradually take care of PBN rather than moneysite.

Private Blog Network

PBN Usually consists of high metrics domains that have different IPs. We can point it to the money site or even to another backlink for indexing purposes. PBN usually relies more on the strength of domains that have high metrics and have had backlinks before. Because to maintain the PBN also requires time and work that is not small. For that in building PBN there are some special criteria such as minimal DA and TF 15.

PBN can found by google and get some penalty. For that, many SEO practitioners who use blog networks for indexing backlinks and provide power for more quality backlinks.

How to create a Private Blog Network.

You can use it for your own SEO or Link Sales.

  • Use Aged domain method
  • Hosting should be different IPs and should be 100% stable uptime
  • Create good content from your niche, just make sure its not 100% copy from another site.
  • Choose a template that if there is a hyperlink still resembles the template
  • Spun content does not matter (better original article as well)
  • Good page format, headers, paragraphs, images, videos, outbound authority links.


Good domain criteria for PBN

  • DA min 15, TF min 15 (MOZ)
  • Domain must indexed on google
  • No more than 2 drops
  • Referring Domain 10+
  • Still has a 20+ backlink (Ahrefs) that is still relevant to the website
  • Avoid spam links, backlinks from different languages ​​(e.g. web in Chinese)
  • Use quality pbn not quantity.

How to Take care of Private Blog Network

  • PBN has original articles, still allowed to use low quality articles but expected 100% unique, avoid spun content, even if forced to use thebestSpinner at least 80% unique or translated articles.
  • PBN has at least 5 articles
  • Make sure to always update wp to the latest version, theme, plugin always update
  • Plugins that vary each web (if using plugins)
  • Post regular articles, once a week, 2 weeks or once a month
  • Provide reasonable backlinks to PBN. A little but better quality than using Spam links. Use tools / GSA with safelinks method.

Niche suggested for Private Blog Network?

  • Blog about one niche, example : want to shoot keyword herbal medicine then make PBN about knowledge of herbal medicine
  • Education Blog
  • Personal / personal blogs, discussing personal issues but approaching the niche. example : posts about “Thanks God, my grandfather cured his illness because of herbal remedies.”

What is the Private Blog Network cost?

It depends on your budget, your competitors, the power of keywords, it could be 5 or for the standard 10 blogs.

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